Tuesday, December 18, 2001

AUEAGLES.COM: American Men No. 15, Women No. 10 in CollegeSwimming.com Mid-Major Poll

i give all credit to seth bell, greatest AU diver of all time!!
Leah000K: Jordan (from our floor last year): I take pride in killing white people
Leah000K: Karen (friend from the trip): As a pacifist, I'm going to have to say that's wrong
Leah000K: Jordon: Well, as an oppressed group, I'm going to have to say you're next.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

matt k bormet: i dropped buddhist philosophy for you!
Leah000K: whoa!
Leah000K: neato!
Leah000K: :-*
matt k bormet: its spelled buddshit if u misspell it
WhatAliceFound: this is for you!!!
WhatAliceFound: turn your sound
need a study break? here is a good guide to help you with your free time.

Locating Sexually Explicit Materials on the Internet
Gavin114: http://www4.ncsu.edu/~berobert/LoseWeight.jpg
matt k bormet: now i know why the backstreet boys stay in shape
Gavin114: hahaha

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

pancake 28: theres bible ice cream on the simps
matt k bormet: whaaat
matt k bormet: shit thats on right now huh
pancake 28: yesss
matt k bormet: and then another episode afte!
pancake 28: yes!!!!
matt k bormet: what a fun time
matt k bormet: bucko u would like some hot fudge injkections huh
pancake 28: hahahaha
pancake 28: funny fnny funyy
pancake 28: if you were black that would be really really funny
Iamjunksnu: Iamjunksnu: STOP TALKING AND GET NAKED
Auto response from AirMark13: out for a fun evening
Iamjunksnu: NOW
Iamjunksnu: NOW
Iamjunksnu: NOW
Iamjunksnu: ANSWER ME
Iamjunksnu: GET NAKED
Iamjunksnu: NOW

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

i like to BLOG BLOG BLOG!
i am also going to punch her in the face
i am gonna breakup with becky because she is a real jerk
okokok so listen

i dont want it to be an online journal. i want to post funny interesting things. not to write about me and my life. because no one cares.

again, i dont know what to do with this it seems like it could be cool but.. all it's good for right now is posting links and bitching
p a n c a k e 28: you're a girl! y ou have an online journal! is your name really matty?

Auto response from matt k bormet: i'm never gonna write my paper instead im gonna sleep

pancake 28: i suggest you not be a girl
pancake 28: k. nap time. for both of us! good night
oh and just to give u some positive things, i point you to the internet archive and the fact that you can get old web pages there which is kind of cool

ok so it is 11:05 am

justin and i are BOTH FUCKING AWAKE

can u guess why? well justin has a lphysics ab report and i was awoken by a stupid motherfucker asking for "pat" at 1030 AM today.

if your name is pat you should watch out for me and if you know anyone name pat you should too, cuz im going to hurt you all since you are all suspects in the horrible crime of waking me up.

so to begin

i will draw u in with nice links.

portal of evil -- this is the best webpage ever.

aueagles.com -- despite the fact that you hate your school, i hate you and like my school. and free sporting events.

leisuretown.com -- funny, sometimes philosophical, sometimes stupid web comics created with too much effort.

all music guide -- learn about every artist ever and everything they've done.

GIRLS KISSING and if you don't like it i don't like you.

wilms tumor study group i am in this thing!! they take my blood and pee every year and stuff. its really fun!

baseball think factory some good pages on my favorite sport

okokookokok so that is all for now but if you have any ideas what i can do with this please tell me because i feel kind of dumb for having it.

love matt
things i did today that you dont care about:

1. wrote more philosophy paper
2. watched the first hour of the wwf pay per view

ok this now seems like it should be a great web journally thing i know you all cared about that a lot!!


Monday, December 10, 2001

i uh, am starting this now. apparently i tried to in october 2000 at 1 am. but i didn't. so i'm going to try to again.