Sunday, January 27, 2002

Friday, January 25, 2002

matt k bormet: meeting @hollywood at 8
matt k bormet: if ur interested
kennygGambit62: i have laundry that will not be done till 9
kennygGambit62: i can't believe i said that
matt k bormet: poor poor poor
kennygGambit62: but it is actually true
matt k bormet: how embarrassing
kennygGambit62: very
kennygGambit62: but i need underwear
matt k bormet: hahah thats debatable
kennygGambit62: Mr. mitch's floor is being host to sority rush
matt k bormet: oh man thats exciting
kennygGambit62: they are killing him
kennygGambit62: with girlish noise, chatter and laughter